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Player comments after LEONA’s Tricky Adventures release:
"Great retro-style graphics and fun gameplay..."
"Realy neat puzzle game...Lots of "ah-ha!" moments when you figure a puzzle out."
"...it starts off nice and easy, but soon becomes a proper brain-tester.
A top class game that I can honestly highly recommend."
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LEONA’s Tricky Adventures is inspired by a clever puzzle game mechanic which was briefly explored in the very early 90s but sadly faded from prominence shortly after. The basic task is to match two increasingly complex patterns using increasingly complex mechanics. While it can’t be directly compared to any contemporary game the mental skills required by the puzzles put them somewhere in between "Picross" and "Bejeweled" – and in our humble opinion they can easily stand up against those games. LEONA’s Tricky Adventures is filled with hundreds of puzzles which provide many hours of fun gameplay - but unlike most puzzle games: No, it does not stop there!

We thought deeply about the frustrations that can arise in a puzzle game and took great care to make sure the game does not grind to a halt when a puzzle cannot be solved. All puzzles are embedded in a big and complex overworld full of exploration and humorous citizens constructed entirely using beautifully hand-drawn pixel graphics. Exploration and puzzle-solving is intertwined in clever and varied ways - finding out is part of the created new fun. The complexity of the overworld lies comfortably somewhere in between the overworld of "Super Mario World" and that of "A Link to the Past".

We asked Comicmakers M.Musal/B.Samuel not only to compose a visualization for the cases and a poster – they also provided the story and dialogue for Leona’s world to make the storytelling and humorous aspects of the game just as compelling as the gameplay itself. The story is an integral part of the game and the overworld design directly builds on it to form a coherent product that is more than the sum of its parts.

Finally, to match the quality of the gameplay and the graphics we contracted with Composer Chris Huelsbeck to create the soundtrack for the game. We dare say he did a magnificent job when he delivered the score before starting his great anthology-project about Turrican. Like in "Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams" (Kickstarter Project) the soundtrack is a cooperation between Chris Huelsbeck and Fabian Del Priore – but well, this time with many more tracks from Chris Huelsbeck himself: 10 out of 13 isn't bad!

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  LEONA’s Tricky Adventures Background: Supporting Artists    

Chris Huelsbeck is an acclaimed composer and sound designer working in the video games industry for well over 25 years. Having provided high quality music and sound for over 80 projects, he is able to create full orchestral scores and electronic compositions as well as many other music styles. Credits include projects like 'Turrican', 'Star Wars Rogue Squadron', 'Tunnel B1', 'Extreme Assault' and 'Symphonic Shades', a 70 minute full orchestral concert and CD release covering Huelsbeck’s 25 years of work. Since 2011 Chris holds the lifetime achievement award by the Game Audio Network Guild.

The authors M.Musal/B.Samuel started creating comic-artwork, music and radio plays for the advertising industry in 1980. Michael is a graduate artist and former student of Norman Rockwell in the late sixties. Benno conceptualized as well as writing stories/dialogues and graduated in economics. In the late eighties they were the first German artists contracted by Europe’s biggest comic editor Ehapa/Egmont (e.g. Disney Print Europe) publishing DIE ZEITZOCKER (The Time Gang/Los Jugadores al Tiempo). Shortly after, Publishing House Schwermetall (Heavy Metal/Métal Hurlant), co-founded by Jean "Moebius" Giraud (who knew them and their work), released the first SciFi-Stories from their "BOKANOVSKY"-Epic. Millions saw their art- and filmwork without knowing it - as the team was in demand as Animated Character Design Consultants with clients like Disney and Kellogg Company for more than a decade. Today they are also lecturers: Michael on Narrative Art, Benno on "How to market for children" as well as intellectual property contracts.

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  LEONA’s Tricky Adventures Background: Company  
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